I have always been curious about men who call themselves "feminists." It puts me in the mind of those college guys who take as many female lit classes as possible so that they will be surrounded by women. In most cases their intentions are not really to learn about the oppression and concerns of women, but to get as much play as possible. A revolving dorm room door.

Well they have a new place to surround themselves with that feminine energy and get attention -- social media.

If you've read any modern literature about seduction, particularly seduction by men and "how to be a player," you know that one of the most effective methods is to take on a "feminine perspective" and appear to worship women. It's a much better way to gain the trust of a woman compared to beating on your chest like a hyper sexual beast.

Now to be fair, I believe that some men do genuinely appreciate and love women for the elegant and complicated human beings we are. But I also find that these men are usually married or paired up with one of the beautiful women that they love and admire.

But the male seducers who pose as "feminists" are usually perpetually single. That's the first indication that it's not authentic. There are so many wonderful women they're surrounded by, but they just can't choose one. If they have such a deep and respectful love for women, why aren't they in a serious relationship with a special one, starting a family and raising up new young ladies with high self-esteem?

There's a difference between having a genuine love and respect for women that leads you to the one that is just right for you and having an infatuation with women in general that causes you to want to get a "piece" of every single woman that you meet.

The former I can respect, the latter is just another example of a person exploiting, objectionalizing and using women.

I think it's important for young women to know the difference between love (which is genuine and fixed) and infatuation (which is selfish and fleeting). It's also important to know and recognize the real intentions of the people that you interact with on a daily basis. 

Give your love, support and attention to those who genuinely care about your well-being and humanity.

CB Lady



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